Online Nomination Form for ICAI Awards 2015

  • CA. Manoj Fadnis
    President, ICAI

  • CA. M. Devaraja Reddy
    Vice-President, ICAI

  • CA. Charanjot Singh Nanda
    Chairman, CMII
    Over the past few years, it has been witnessed that the role of a Chartered Accountant has expanded beyond the traditional finance disciplines to the broader aspects such as business strategy and transformation initiative. Our members are realizing that while their role has evolved, there is an increased scope to expand their influence within the business and further make the most of their unique skill set.

    Chartered Accountants in business have an array of skills and abilities to help their organization deal with current challenges of the business environment and make sure that the strategy effectively bonds short-term aspirations with long-term goals perusing the key drivers of sustainable success.


  • CA. Shyam Lal Agarwal
    Vice-Chairman, CMII

ICAI-CMII Corporate Forum Brochure

ICAI Awards 2015 - Would honour the exemplary work of the Chartered Accountants in Industry by recognizing those who have demonstrated excellence in their professional life, personal life and are the role models for others in industry. The ICAI Awards 2014 also seek to acknowledge Chartered Accountants who have created value to their company's stakeholders on a sustainable basis. Corporate Conclave - Two days National Convention on contemporary topics to enrich the knowledge and to enhance the skill set of members. This Convention focuses on various important aspects that are practical relevance to the members of the Institute and will be beneficial in keeping them updated in this dynamic environment. Financial Services Expo - A platform where Chartered Accountants and Corporate from all over India would mark their presence. This would enable various organizations involves in Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Capital Markets, Real Estate, Information Technology products and services and other technological products to interact with Chartered Accountants, Investors, Finance Fraternity and Corporate Decision Makers.